Thursday, June 12, 2008

face dances tonight

A submissive I know told me about the art of Namio Harukawa, a Japanese fetish artist who explored the subject of face-sitting in his work. His work almost always shows a large, voluptuous woman smothering a much smaller man. The women look so casual and easy, almost oblivious to the men who are being humiliated. The men look as though they have been subjected to their humiliations countless times, their faces reflecting the hopelessness of the situation and their bindings depicting how thoroughly they are trapped.

You can see samples here.

Although most of his work does deal with face-sitting, there are some variations in his theme of humiliation, and you can see more here.

His work is realistic in detail, but exaggerated in the scale of the women to the men to underline their D/s relationships. These are big, beautiful Goddesses who, if they deign to take notice, are amused by tiny, insignificant men.

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